Monday, July 02, 2007

Sunni politician calls for U.N. and Arab intervention to solve Iraq crisis

Arab intervention!  What a joke!  The Arabs have already intervened via Al Qaeda.  Iraq does not need Arabs to 'intervene' further! (Thanks Anand)

Sunni politician calls for U.N. and Arab intervention to solve Iraq crisis

BAGHDAD: A Sunni legislator who says he's joining the "resistance" called Sunday for Arab and international intervention to rebuild Iraq's political system from scratch.

Abdul-Nasser al-Janabi said he made a mistake when he decided to run for parliament in 2005. He spoke to The Associated Press in Jordan, where he announced this weekend that he was quitting parliament to support the insurgency.

"I feel that I've become a target for the Iraqi government which is now, along with its security forces, targeting each and every Iraqi who opposes them and who tells the truth," al-Janabi said. [Iraqis who oppose the government by supporting terrorists SHOULD be targeted, imo]

"We support intervention by all the Arab nations and the United Nations in a direct manner so we can return to the square one with the political process," al-Janabi said.

He added that he backs any effort aimed at "solving the political dilemma in Iraq and also to call for the withdrawal of the occupation forces and to change the existing government and parliament."

Al-Janabi announced he was leaving parliament Saturday — one day after his Iraqi Accordance Front announced it was suspending participation in Cabinet meetings to protest the way Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki handled legal proceedings against one of their Sunni colleagues.

Sunnis are also angry over last month's vote by the Shiite-dominated parliament to remove the speaker, Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, a Sunni Arab. [This is the guy who was fired for assaulting other MPs and believes that the mass murder of Iraqis "were the fault of Jews, Israelis, and Zionists..."]

"I call upon all Islamists to withdraw from this political process after it has become clear enough that we have been rendered into axes for the occupation," al-Janabi said. "We should withdraw and work against this project. We should work so that Iraq wouldn't be sold to the foreigners and neighboring countries."

Al-Janabi said he believed the only way to rid the country of the U.S. presence was "the military and resistance solution."

Earlier this year, government officials alleged that al-Janabi had ties to the insurgents and would be charged. But the government suspended an investigation under pressure from Sunni politicians.

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