Friday, May 11, 2007

Sistani Warns Against Haste in Passing Oil Law

I wonder if the Arabs will be more pleased with Sistani after this.  I doubt it.

Sistani Warns against Haste in Passing Legistlation including the Oil Law

Sayid Ali Al Sistani "Radio Sawa" has broadcast, on 7 May, 07, an interview with Mr. Haider Ibadi, a leading member of Al Da'wa Party, to which the Iraqi Prime Minister Al Maliki, belongs.

Mr. Ibadi disclosed that Sayid Ali Al Sistani, the highest religious authority in Iraq, has warned against any rush in passing outstanding legistlation, which includes, by implication, the controversial Draft Oil Law. This major setback to the American mounting pressure on the Iraqi Parliament to pass the Draft Law comes at a time of rising opposition among the elite community of Iraqi Oil experts, political parties of various orientations, including the Accord Front, which represents several groups of religious forces.

It appears now there is wide and growing opposition to the crude American pressure nearing unusual unanimity in rejection of American plans to grab Iraq's rich oil reserves.

Crude pressure laid on by the bucket full when Cheney arrived in Baghdad in an unannounced visit this week. According to BBC News, "US officials said Mr Cheney wanted faster progress on the fair division of oil revenues and the passage of laws to reinstate former Baath Party officials." It does seems that the US is in rush to push through the Oil Law. The BBC went on to report that: "Ambassador Crocker said the vice-president would try to dissuade Iraqi politicians from taking a two-month holiday this summer." For the Iraqi parliament to take a two-month vacation in summer is impossible to understand," he said, given the "major effort" being made by US and Iraqi security forces."

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