Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gunmen dressed as Iraqi soldiers kill 15 Fayli Kurds

I wonder what our Arab brethren think of this crime. I'm willing to wager that the majority of Arabs will blame this attack on the Iraqi government!

Update: Read what the Angry Arab just posted: "Gunmen in Iraq Army Uniforms Kill 15 Civilian Villagers in a Sunni Arab Region" The NYT article he linked to does not mention that the victims were Fayli (Shia) Kurds and implies that the Iraqi Army murdered them. I doubt the 'Angry Arab' would have linked to the article had it mentioned the sect and ethnicity of the victims.

Gunmen dressed as Iraqi soldiers kill 15

BAGHDAD - Gunmen wearing Iraqi army uniforms shot and killed 15 men Saturday in a Kurdish Shiite village northeast of Baghdad and a U.S. soldier was killed and another seriously wounded while searching for three comrades missing for a week after an ambush.

In Baghdad, at least three mortar shells or rockets slammed into the Green Zone after British Prime Minister Tony Blair had arrived for talks with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and other Iraqi leaders. One person was injured, but it was unclear how far Blair was from the blasts.

The attack against the villagers occurred early Saturday when gunmen wearing army uniforms entered the village of Hamid Shifi, about 60 miles northeast of Baghdad. They rousted families from their homes and opened fire on the men, killing 15 of them, an Iraqi general and a Kurdish political party said.

The victims were Kurdish Shiites, according to a statement posted on the Web site of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.

The village is located in Diyala province where violence has risen sharply in the past six months.


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