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Suicide Bombings in Iraq since 2003

I found this list of suicide bombings in Iraq on Wikipedia, and every time I look at it I'm amazed by the growing number of bombings and the total number of people killed. Most of the victims have been civilians, and I wonder what these bombers hoped to accomplish by killing innocent civilians.

Suicide bombings in Iraq since 2003



  • February 1: 109 Kurds are killed in 2 suicide bombings in Arbil.
  • March 2: Ashoura Massacre: Suicide bombings at Shia holy sites kill 181 and wound more than 500 during the Ashura.
  • April 21: Basra bombs kill 74 and injure hundreds.
  • July 28: "70 killed, 56 wounded" by a suicide car bomb "next to a line of police applicants."[3]
  • September 30: "42 dead, 35 of them children,... as U.S. troops handed out sweets in western Baghdad."[4]
  • December 19: "54 killed... amid a funeral procession in Najaf."[5]


  • January 13: The Associated Press reports that of 181 car bombings since the creation of the Iraqi interim government at the end of June, 68 were suicide attacks.[6]
  • February 28: About 125 people are killed by a suicide car bomb outside a medical center in Hilla, south of Baghdad.
  • July 16: A suicide bomber blows up an oil tanker in the predominantly Shiite town of Musayyib, killing 98 people.
  • August 31: About 1000 people died in a stampede on Al-Aaimmah bridge in Baghdad, after warnings of an imminent suicide bombing.


  • January 2: A suicide bomber kills 7 people on a bus in Baquba. [7]
  • January 5: A suicide bomber in Ramadi blew himself up outside a police station[8]
  • January 6: More than a hundred people are killed when a suicide bomber detonated near a Shia holy shrine[9][10]
  • January 8: A suicide bomber targeted an Interior Ministry patrol, and one policeman was killed in the explosion which wounded 7 others [11][12]
  • January 23: A suicide bomber kills 3 people and injures 7 others near the Iranian embassy in Baghdad. [13]
  • March 10: A suicide truck bomber kills eight and wounds 11 at a checkpoint in Falluja. [14]
  • March 27: A suicide bomber kills 30 to 40 people at a security-forces recruitment center in northern Iraq [15]
  • April 3: Ten die and 38 are wounded during a suicide truck bomb attack near a Shiite mosque in northeastern Baghdad [16]
  • April 7: Three suicide bombers target the Baratha mosque in Baghdad, killing 81 people and wounding 160. [17] [18]
  • April 11: A suicide bomber kills an American soldier in Raweh. [19]
  • April 17: A suicide car bombing in Ramadi wounds one U.S. Marine. [20]
  • May 2: Ten people die and six are injured when a suicide bomber explodes near a convoy carrying the governor of Anbar in central Ramadi. [21]
  • May 3: Suicide bomber kills 16 and wounds 25 at a police recruitment center in Falluja. [22]
  • May 6: Suicide bomber kills three Iraqi soldiers at a base in Tikrit. [23]
  • May 7: Suicide bomber kills five and wounds 18 in Karbala. [24]
  • May 9: A suicide car bombing kills 20 and wounds 37 in Tal Afar. [25]
  • May 21: A suicide bomber kills 13 and wounds 18 in a restaurant in central Baghdad. [26]
  • June 11: A suicide car bomb explodes at an Iraqi Army checkpoint in Baquba, killing three Iraqi soldiers and wounding six.
  • June 16: A suicide bomber slips into a Shiite mosque in Baghdad, killing 11 and wounding 25 during Friday prayers. [27]
  • June 20: A suicide bomber kills two and injures two in a senior citizens' home in Basra. [28]
  • June 26: Two Iraqi police commandos die and four people are injured when a suicide bomber explodes at a military checkpoint in western Baghdad. [29]
  • June 29: A suicide car bomber kills five and wounds at least 31 during a wake for an Iraqi soldier in Kirkuk. [30] [31]
  • July 12: A suicide bomber blows himself up in a restaurant in southern Baghdad, killing seven and injuring 20. [32]
  • July 16: A suicide bomber strikes a cafe in Tuz Khurmatu, killing 23 to 26 people. [33] [34]
  • July 18: A suicide car bomb kills 53 to 59 people and injures more than 100 at a market in Kufa. [35][36]
  • July 23: 32 to 34 are killed and 65 to 70 are wounded when a suicide bomber driving a minibus blows it up near a market in Sadr City, Baghdad. [37] [38]
  • August 1: A suicide car bomber kills at least 10 people and wounds 22 near an Iraqi army convoy in central Baghdad. [39]
  • August 4: A suicide bomber in a pick-up truck blew up in an athletic field in Hadhar, killing 10 and wounding 12. [40] [41]
  • August 6: A suicide bomber attacks a funeral in central Tikrit, killing 15 people and injuring 17. [42] [43]
  • August 7: Nine soldiers die and 10 civilians are injured due to a suicide truck bomb in Samarra. [44]
  • August 10: A suicide bomber struck a checkpoint near a shrine in Najaf, killing 35 and injuring 122. [45][46]
  • August 15: A suicide truck bomber killed nine people and wounded 36 outside the headquarters of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Mosul.[47]
  • August 28: In Baghdad, 11 people died when a suicide car bomber attacked a compound of the Iraqi interior ministry.In Baghdad, dozens of people were injured in the mid-morning blast outside the interior ministry. The ministry complex has been frequently targeted in the past and is heavily guarded. At least eight policemen are reported to be among the fatalities. The Baghdad bomber struck as UK Defence Minister Des Browne was in the capital for talks with Iraqi officials.[48]
  • November 1: A car bomb blast ripped through a wedding party in north Baghdad yesterday, killing 15 guests -- including four children -- and wounding 19 more, a security official said.
  • November 13: A suicide bomber wearing an explosives belt blew himself up inside a bus Monday in northeastern Baghdad, killing 10 people and wounding 17 others, emergency police said.
  • November 18: Bomb kills 20 people in city of Hilla: A suicide bomber in a minivan killed 20 people and wounded 46 after detonating the explosives near a crowd of day laborers in a southern Iraqi city, police said.

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