Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Iraq Burns While Americans Shop

'There is something terribly wrong with this juxtaposition of gleeful Americans with fistfuls of dollars storming the department store barricades and the slaughter by the thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians, including old people, children and babies. The war was started by the United States, but most Americans feel absolutely no sense of personal responsibility for it.'

I know many Americans who 'feel sorry' for the Iraqi people, and I know that many American bloggers write and read about Iraq, but it seems that most Americans simply do not care.

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Patrick said...

I would agree with you, and that's what makes what's happened to Iraq one of history's greatest crimes. I feel that information about the sheer magnitude of the atrocities of the past 21, going on 22, years will eventually become more common knowledge, but until then, most Americans are absolutely unaware that anything truly terrible has occurred.

...but I tell you, there's a reason for the spate of suicides among the armed service. I think it's guilt; I think it may be denied, repressed or misplaced, but it's there.