Thursday, May 03, 2012

Some Tunisian Muslims want to kill for Allah

because they believe that showing an image of Allah is blasphemous. I like to call these people "mujrimeen" (murderers) instead of muslimeen.

'A panel of five Tunisian judges on Thursday convicted TV magnate Nabil Karoui of “disturbing public order” and “threatening public morals” by broadcasting the French movie “Persepolis,” an animated film that contains a fleeting image of God. Karoui was fined $1,600. Two of his staffers, including the woman whose job it was to check the movie for moral and legal problems, were fined $800 each. Prosecutors and lawyers representing Islamist groups argued that the owner of Nessma TV should be sentenced to prison for up to five years; at least two lawyers called for the death penalty.'


Anonymous said...

Do these Tunisian judges and Islamist groups think God
has such a fragile ego?

Talk about blasphemy.

Anonymous said...

every time i visit this site i question whether im actually on daniel pipes

Iraqi Mojo said...

Did Daniel Pipes write about these Tunisian Islamist shitheads too?

Many north African Islamist jarab went to Iraq and ended up murdering Iraqis.

I guess Daniel Pipes and I have something in common: we hate the Islamic fundamentalist scum of the planet earth.