Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Resistance" continues to kill Iraqis

"A bomb in a parked car ripped through a Sadr City neighborhood Wednesday evening, killing seven young people who had gathered at a nearby cafe to drink tea and play dominoes, Iraqi officials said.

The attack comes just days after a string of shootings and bombings convulsed the country in Iraq's worst violence so far this year. The violence appears designed to stir up sectarian tensions at a time when Iraq still has no new government after inconclusive parliamentary elections and as U.S. troops prepare to go home."

The "resistance" killed Iraqis at yet another cafe just two days after a suicide bomber killed 55 Iraqis at a textile factory in Hilla. Meanwhile the 3arab jarab continue to drink Starbucks without worry in Riyadh, Doha, Cairo, Amman, and LA.


Anonymous said...

the americans are the killers and murderers of the iraqis. are you ready to say it was wrong to support the US invasion? Have you heard of CIA black ops?

Iraqi Mojo said...

It was wrong to support the invasion, wrong to support the bombing of civilians, just like it was wrong in 1991. But you reacted very differently in 1991. Why is that?

Saying it was wrong to support the invasion won't stop the 3arab jarab from mass murdering Iraqis.

What's done is done. Iraqis must defend themselves against the murderous half-brained wahhabi 3arab jarab (the scum of the earth) no matter what we supported.

Anonymous said...

you are not iraqi, but what the iraqis are doing is defending themselves from US occupation. The occupiers puppet police and collaborators have always been targets of the resistance in every occupied country.

but dont worry about it. You lay back on an island, drink some beer and chill with the hot latinas you really really cool dude, you devil you,

Anand said...

Mojo; do many non Iraqi Sunni Arabs still think like the Anonymous moron?

What will it take for them to stop trying to mass murder Iraqis?

Maybe Iraqi F16s flying over their cities? Is there no other way?

David All said...

Mojo, the renewed suicide bombings this week in Iraq are very depressing. Hopefully there will not be another week in Iraq like this one for some time to come.

As for the suicide bombers leaving the rich oil Sheikhs and the other Arab nations alone, there is an old phrase that a bird does not foul its own next, i.e. do not committ terrorism in your own countries.