Friday, September 18, 2009

Almost 3eed: Time to kill Pakistani Shia

'At least 30 people were killed Friday in a suicide car bomb attack in a Shiite market village in northwest Pakistan, and at least 36 others were wounded, a police commander said.

The powerful explosion shook the village of Usterzai near the garrison town of Kohat, flattening a two-story hotel and a number of shops at a nearby bazaar. Rescue teams worked through the afternoon to pull victims from the rubble.

The bomb contained more than 300 pounds of explosives, said Ali Hassan Khan, the police stationhouse officer in Usterzai.

A crowd of Shiite residents in the town, angry at the failure of the police to provide security in their vulnerable neighborhoods, attacked a police car with rocks when it arrived at the scene of the blast on Friday.'

Thanks Molly for the link.

PS: In Pakistan the Wahhabi-inspired jarab have been murdering Shia, without much Arab or Muslim protest, for decades.

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