Friday, August 07, 2009

Targeting Shiites

I have noticed the media pointing out that the recent bombings in Iraq have targeted Shiites. I remember Rachel Maddow emphasizing on her show a few weeks ago that Shiite mosques were being attacked in Iraq.

The western media understands the realities of the conflict in Iraq and is not afraid to frame the conflict in sectarian terms, which many Arabs try their hardest to avoid.

Iraq attacks kill at least 52
A huge bomb near a mosque on the outskirts of the northern Iraq city of Mosul kills 39, mostly Shiite Turkmens.

By Liz Sly and Saif Hameed
August 8, 2009

Reporting from Baghdad -- A series of attacks largely targeting Shiite Muslims killed at least 52 people Friday, most of them in a powerful car bombing at a mosque on the northern edge of the volatile city of Mosul.

Authorities said most of the 39 fatalities at the mosque were Shiite Turkmens, a minority group that has frequently been targeted by the Sunni Arab militant group Al Qaeda in Iraq to inflame sectarian and ethnic tensions.

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