Monday, June 22, 2009

Saddam did not have "license" to slaughter Iraqis

Initially I wanted to title this post "Should Obama be quiet about Iran?" But then I realized how stupid the below comment by a Mr Sadjapour is, and that I should point out his stupidity. He makes it sound like Saddam had a "license" to slaughter Iraqis, because according to his logic, the world did not criticize the slaughter in 1991. Does a government ever have a "license" to slaughter its people?

'But Mr Sadjapour says President Obama's measured message is the right one.

"I think the President's rhetoric so far has been well calibrated, and the historical analogy which concerns me is Iraq in 1991, when George Bush senior encouraged Iraqis to rise up. Saddam slaughtered them and then the rest of the world didn't criticise Saddam for the slaughter, but they criticised George Bush for encouraging Iraqis to speak out," Mr Sadjapour said.

"So I think this regime is looking for the United States to step into this trap, so they have the licence to slaughter the Iranian people." '

This is a silly analogy anyway, because when Bush Senior called for Iraqis to rise up in 1991, the US-led allied forces had already pounded Iraq with 40 consecutive days of heavy bombing and a ground invasion that stopped at the outskirts of Baghdad. Allied troops had already defeated Iraq's military and it was up to the Americans what Saddam's military could do. Bush ordered the US military to do nothing while the Iraqi Shia were slaughtered.

The US military is currently not in Iran and never has been. The analogy is a terrible one. At least Mr. Sadjapour acknowledged the slaughter by Saddam.

Maybe the important question is this: is Obama being too quiet about Iran?

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