Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Basra resources exploited, yet Basrawis neglected

Saddam neglected Basra too after 1991. How ironic and sad. Thanks Dad for the forward. Iraqis must be aware of what this government has (and has not) done.

Dear all,

Salam to you

I am writing and feel very sad to what is happening in Basra and to Basrawi people…. they are totally ignored …….. the city has the reserve of:

65 Billion Oil barrels

3.2 Trillion Cubic feet of natural gas

Producing 1.2 million barrel of oil per day ( = 120 million US dollar daily income to Iraq )

How much spent on Basra:


No clean running water

No electricity supply (no more than 6 hrs/day)

No new school been built

No new hospital been built

No new roads been opened

No job opportunities been created

All governors in Basra are belong to Islamic parties and groups

· Da’ua party

· Al majlis group

· Fadhila party

· Hiz bulla group

· Muqtada group

No communist; No baatheist ; No nationalist ……… no excuses at all

Security in the town is fair and normal most of the time………… no excuses again

But all are haramia (thieves) this is the fact. The Islamic groups failed to govern and to serve the people in this town so please if you have a friends or any related person in Basra argue them not to elect the Islamic haramia again.


Dr. Hussain H. Ahmed MBE

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