Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gitmo detainees should be considered guilty until proven innocent

I have met a few Arabs who've claimed that the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay are "innocent" and should be released immediately. While a few Gitmo detainees may be innocent, it is obvious that many detainees are indeed guilty of horrendous crimes. One detainee is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the attacks on 9/11 and the person who beheaded WSJ reporter Daniel Pearl.

Nibras Kazimi has published a post about a former Gitmo detainee, released in 2005, who was responsible for murdering dozens of Iraqis since his release:

Al-‘Ajmi, the ex-Guantanamo guy, is seemingly responsible for an earlier truck bombing at the Iraqi Army HQ in the Harmat neighborhood of Mosul on March 23, 2008 that left 13 Iraqi soldiers dead and 30 injured, including 12 civilians. At least six of the dead soldiers were from Iraq’s Yezidi minority.

Today, there was another suicide bombing targeting a police station in Mosul that left scores dead and injured. I wonder if today's terrorist was yet another Kuwaiti or Saudi that had been released from Guantanamo...

It is important for the US military to release innocent detainees, but it is even more important to not release those who have ties to insurgents in Iraq, and who may end up in Iraq killing Iraqis and Americans. Gitmo detainees should be considered guilty until proven innocent. Leftists and Arabs who scream for their brothers at Gitmo can choke on it.

Having said this, I can understand why so many Americans are concerned that holding people for so long without trial violates the US constitution. The only solution is to give each Gitmo detainee a fair trial. If it is proven that a detainee has not committed a crime against the US, but does have ties to insurgents in Iraq or Afghanistan, the detainee should NOT be released to Saudi Arabia or Kuwait!

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