Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bill Maher on Bush

One of the reasons I love this country is because we can make fun of the President without being punished for it. Bill Maher makes fun of Bush on every episode of Real Time, and many of his jokes are quite funny. But he also likes to think there was no sectarian violence in Iraq before 2003 - apparently Maher believes that Saddam had some kind of magic mojo that kept terrorists from bombing marketplaces. In this episode he repeated his claim (not seen in the clip below) that there was no sectarian violence when Saddam was in charge. Somebody needs to tell Bill that Iraqi marketplaces were not bombed before 2003 because the Iraqi Shia, who for the most part despised Saddam's Sunni Arab-dominated regime, did not bomb Sunni Arab marketplaces - that's why marketplaces were not bombed when Saddam was in charge. Saddam's henchmen and supporters, who mass murdered Iraqi Shia (and Kurds!) before 2003 continued - ESCALATED - the mass murder of Iraqi Shia after 2003, with lots of help from Al Qaeda.

However, Bill Maher is still funny, and this clip is worth watching. Maher did admit at the end of the show that he's never been to Iraq, so maybe he is not an expert. In this clip he says that this war is not winnable. I wonder what exactly 'winnable' means to Bill Maher. If to 'win' this war means to withdraw from a peaceful, prosperous, and democratic Iraq, then God I hope Bill Maher is wrong about this war not being winnable. (Thanks Dad for the clip)

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