Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Picasso's Guernica

In the comments section of the post below somebody asked me when the mural in Baghdad (pic below) was built. It was built before my time, and so I Googled 'Baghdad mural Picasso Guernica' and discovered that Picasso's painting depicts the Nazi bombing of a Basque village during the Spanish Civil War. 'Over 1,600 civilians perished in the world's first sustained aerial bombardment of a civilian population'. Until yesterday I thought it was a depiction of the Spanish Civil War only, as I read at the British Museum in 2003 (maybe there was more to read). I discovered something else from this website. A reproduction of this painting was hanging at the entrance of the UN Security Council until they took it down a few weeks before the bombing of Iraq in 2003. I did not know that.

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