Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Hamas's cartoons and the intractable conflict

Jon Stewart made a good point. These are adult cartoons, not for kids!


David All said...

Thanks for linking to this, Mojo. It is certainly a vile piece of propaganda. No doubt it does its part in making the Israeli-Palestinian conflict bitter and longer, which is Hamas' strategy. Good to see Jon Stewart exposing this. It is by the public knowing about this hate propaganda that it can be counted and stopped.
Snoopy the Goon has also posted about this at

Anonymous said...

David, I'm not so sure that it's propaganda. It is the reality of what happens to the Palestinians. Would you consider Carlos Latuff, the political cartoonist, depicting propaganda as well? Or is it because it was created by Hamas, that makes you consider it propaganda? I think the Israeli governmemt does a great job on their own by creating hate with the Pali/Israel conflict. True, these cartoons are for adults not for kids, but what's sad is this is REALITY for them. I think reality is much scarier than a cartoon, don't you think?